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BEFORE you sell your gold, ask yourself a few questions:

• What price per ounce (or per gram) is the company offering for 24-carat, 18-carat and 9-carat gold? (28 grams make an ounce, and just over 31 grams make a “Troy Ounce”, the unit in which gold is bought and sold internationally.)
• How much will the buyer deduct for non-gold weight, e.g., non-precious stones, base metals, etc?
• How quickly will I get paid?

We answer all those questions up front. First, price. Gold fluctuates wildly, but as of late February, 2010, we offer the most competitive gold price in town. For even better value ask for store credit against your next purchase.

Our competitors have been known to offer less than half the price we have given for gold items. What’s more, they will usually say that they cannot calculate the value when there are non-gold components. Our expert eye, however, can estimate the weight of the non-gold portions (for example, of a non-precious stone in a gold bracelet) just by examination.

We then test for gold carat using a series of chemical drops. Usually, we can offer you a deal there and then.