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PLEASE come and see us right away if you want a ring re-sized or a watch repaired. Re-sizing is best done by a skilled jeweller who has the equipment there in the shop. We do this work in front of you — and that’s a facility that the Grafton Street jeweller won’t always offer. (One jeweller in Dublin 2 sends his repairs to London — and the work we have seen is, frankly, not very impressive...)

Our ring re-sizing is effectively invisible, and does not involve unsightly inserts.

We can also reset loose stones, or replace missing diamonds, all at very reasonable cost.

We have polishing and cleaning services for rings, watches and diamond pieces, and can cover a white gold or platinum item with rhodium — all for very reasonable cost. Cleaning and polishing costs about €3–5 per item. Rhodium coving of rings costs €20–25.