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YOU HAVE the choice when you buy a ring at CPJ: see it, commission it or design it yourself.

You may find something in our displays, or ask for one of your own choosing or design. Fran Massey, our chief designer, or John Adams, our chief jeweller, will craft the perfect setting for you. We have our workshops here in Meath Street, so you’ll be able to see us creating your very own masterpiece.

In general, diamonds (those are the clear gemstones, lads…) are the stone of choice for engagement rings, but other precious gemstones, such as emeralds or sapphires, are used from time to time, perhaps to maintain family tradition. For detailed information about judging diamond quality, see The Four Cs ».

Until recently, wedding bands were plain gold (see The Metals »), but now they too can be diamond-encrusted. They are usually 18 carat white gold for the lady, and 9 carat for the man. (Men will sometimes choose a platinum ring.)

Eternity rings are now essential, presented usually after the first year of marriage, or sometimes on the birth of the first child. Some couples like to have them crafted to link in with (and even attach to) the wedding band and engagement ring, and that is a job in which we specialise.

In Ireland, ring sizes are determined according to an A–Z scale, A being the smallest, and Z+10 the largest. Bring in a perfect-fitting ring if you can. But don’t worry: mistakes are not a problem as we can re-size — and we do this without ugly inserts or add-ons. More about this in Services ».