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NOTE that the “carat” used to weigh diamonds is entirely different from the “carat” (or karat) used to grade gold. (More about gold in another Little Gem page: Metals ».)

Traditionally, diamonds were weighed by comparing them to grains of wheat. It was only in 1907 that the International Committee on Weights and Measures defining “one carat” to mean one-fifth of a gram. There are 28 grams in an ounce (and a tiny bit more in a Troy Ounce) — so it would take about 140 one-carat diamonds to weigh an ounce.

A one-carat engagement ring, of good Clarity » and Colour » is considered more than acceptable. We have seen lovely rings with a diamond (or diamonds) weighing just half a carat in total. Rap stars think nothing of carrying ten or even fifteen carats on a single finger! The engagement rings we sell at CPJ average about one to two carats in diamond weight, but routinely go up to three or four.